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Doyle Lonigan



While this appears to be accurate, it doesn't seem like much fun to me.



The paper boy


A pretty good Harry Hyde.  I like the chain, the hat, the ciggarette, the white tie and the attitude.


I do NOT like these costumes.  I've seen these costumes a lot.  they are cheap and don't look good in person.


This was one of my early Harry Hydes.  

The suit's not quite right, I don't like the tie, the hat is cheap, but I like the mustache.


This one is ok....but I don't like the tie and the hat doesn't match.  I do like the spats and the fact that it's baggy.



Two Red E Mix possibilities, but I also think that Red could just wear red pants, red vest, red tie and a red hat.  and that might work.  I'd have to see it first.  Red is probably not a gangster.  He's just.....Red.


I'd have to see these in person before I approved them, but these photos are from

They range from $29 to $40.